About Us

At the Women's Fund of East Tennessee,
a fund of
East Tennessee Foundation, we believe that when you invest in a woman,
you invest in a family, a community, and ultimately a region.

Our mission is simple.
The Women's Fund is a catalyst to transform the lives of low-income women and girls in East Tennessee.
How does the Women's Fund work?

We learn about the needs of regional women and girls and determine focused funding areas that will have the greatest long-term impact.

We explore and recommend grant recipients based on the proven success of area organizations and their ability to create positive, transformative change for women and girls.

Together we analyze the outcomes of our investments to ensure accountability and success.

How is the Women's Fund Different?

The Women's Fund is the only fund in East Tennessee dedicated to a regional approach in granting funds
to organizations focused on improving the lives of women and girls, allowing for collaborative and
inclusive action.

By determining the focus of the funding based on thoughtful research, the fund is flexible enough to be both proactive and responsive to addressing the changing needs of women and girls.

No other East Tennessee Foundation funding source allows for this type of flexibility.

The fund is driven by our community of supporters.  This allows individuals to be as involved as they wish in
the fund, and it creates genuine connections between our members and both the issues and solutions.

Pictured - a few Women’s Fund April 2013 Luncheon attendees  
(From Left to Right):  Susan Brown, Meg Lonon – Development Committee Chair, Maggie Erickson, Dawn Ford, Paige Preston – Luncheon Chair, Bonna Nash, Kirby Bell, Mary Ellen Brewington, Alice Mercer, Katharine Pearson Criss

Women's Fund Focus Areas 2013
"Someday I may get a job, just not sure where to start."
This quote is from a woman who was interviewed by the Women's Fund researchers and is an example of the problems facing many of the women in East Tennessee who live in poverty and lack the skills to become economically self-sufficient. According to the annual research report for the Women's Fund, "Barriers to Self-Reliance for Women in East Tennessee," many impoverished women are missing necessary tools such as a high school education, technical training, basic job search and employment skills, child care, financial literacy, parenting skills, social skills, basic hygiene, and cognitive skills.

During 2013, the Women's Fund will concentrate on funding programs to create economic independence for women by improving their education, work and life skills. In addition, the Fund will focus advocacy efforts on domestic violence issues.

Please contact us if you would like to be actively involved in our mission as a volunteer or supporter, or can help us identify programs you are aware of that make a measurable and significant difference in attaining education, work and life skills for women in East Tennessee. 
Contact us by phone at 865-524-1223, toll free at 877-524-1223 or by email at tmorgan@etf.org.

The Women's Fund of East Tennessee
A fund of East Tennessee Foundation, a non-profit 501 (c)(3) public charity. All contributions are tax-deductible.
625 Market Street - Suite 1400 - Knoxville TN 37902 -
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