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How does the Women’s Fund work?

We work together in a strategy for transformation.


  • We combine and collectively invest our financial gifts, allowing donors to leverage their resources.

  • We learn about the needs of regional women and girls and determine focused funding areas that will have the greatest long-term impact.

  • We advocate to change violence against women and barriers to education.

  • We research, collaborate, vet, and develop agencies and their ability to effectively make change in breaking down key barriers to self-sustainability for low-income women and girls and make funding recommendations based on the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee’s focus area, “Access to Education (with Mentoring).”

  • We explore and utilize the collective strength of the Tennessee Women’s Fund Alliance (TWFA) and the national Women’s Funding Network (WFN).   

  • We analyze the outcomes of our investments to ensure accountability and success.


How is the Women’s Fund different?


  • The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee is one of the only funds in East Tennessee dedicated to a regional approach in network building and grant making providing donors the highest and best usage of our resources.   

  • By determining the funding focus, based on thoughtful research, the Women’s Fund is flexible enough to be both proactive and responsive to addressing the changing needs of low-income women and girls.  We are considered one of few East Tennessee funding sources allowing this type of flexibility.

  • The Fund is fueled and driven by our community of supporters allowing individuals to be involved, creating genuine connections to both the issues and solutions.


Join our Philanthropic Community.

We Believe:  Investing in women and girls creates healthier communities for all of us.


Please join us as a Women’s Fund member.  Pick a level that is right for you…and remember, our Heritage Society is a beautiful way to leave a family legacy.  Together, we can make change and build a permanent endowment of hope for low-income women and girls in East Tennessee.  



The Women’s Fund is a 501 (c) (3) public, nonprofit charitable organization serving 25 counties in East Tennessee

and a supporting organization of East Tennessee Foundation.  For more information, please contact

WFET Executive Director, Kirby Deal,, (865) 423-504-8808

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