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The State of Our State: Gender

Keynote speaker, Shanna Singh Hughey, President of Think Tennessee, presented research and data on how women in our state rank compared to states across the nation. Download her presentation and visit the Think Tennessee website below,, to learn more about the status of Tennessee. 

State of Our State: Gender

Women's Fund of East Tennessee

Advocacy Forum III 

Shanna Singh Hughey

Guest Speakers

Renee Kelly.jpg

Renee Kelly

Chief of Staff

Knox County Schools

Kori Lautner - headshot.jpg

Kori Lautner

Community Schools Resource Coordinator

Lonsdale Elementary

Penny Schwinn_headshot.jpg

Dr. Penny Schwinn

Commissioner of Education

TN Dept. of Education

Ronni Chandler_headshot.jpg

Ronni Chandler

Executive Director & CEO

Project GRAD Knoxville

Krissy DeAlejandro_Headshot.jpg

Krissy DeAlejandro

Executive Director


Shanna Singh Hughey.jpg

Shanna Singh Hughey


Think Tennessee

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