May 19, 2017

Back Row (L>R): Greg Butcher, Savannah Blackwell, Brody Furline, Danyelle Norment

First Row (L>R): Makinzi Butram, Beatriz Satizabal, Sierra Williams

Alicia W. Price, Coordinator of the UT Center for Leadership and Service

“Having made it through a rigorous process, the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee, (WFET) was chosen by the UT Leadership Knoxville Scholars, as one of three non-profit organizations through which to partner over the next two years.  Year one, the Scholars developed a research survey tool, identifying women’s funds and foundations nationwide for participation in the study and feedback opportunities to identify best practices...

May 19, 2017

I am excited to share news with our members about a new approach to grantmaking that we believe will help the Women's Fund have a greater impact on the lives of the people we serve. We normally make grant presentations at this time toexemplary agencies in the 25-county service area of the Women’s Fund that work to transform the lives of low-income women and girls. These grants have been made to organizations that provide programs to address education, work related and life skills needs.

The question facing the Board of Directors for the last year has been how can we make a greater impact on the lives of the women we serve and be an even b...

May 19, 2017

The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee is proud to announce its new board members:

  • Becky Paylor

  • Linda Spence

  • Robin Gibson

  • Rosa Mar

  • Suzanne Prince 

    These women are dedicated to attending meetings, planning events and evaluating grants for the