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Our Grantmaking Process

Currently we are focusing exclusively on researching and networking with leaders in our 25-county region to better understand the barriers that low-income women and girls face when accessing education in East TN. Stay tuned for more information regarding our findings and future grantmaking plans!

The grantmaking process assists the Women's Fund in breaking down barriers to success for women and girls in East Tennessee. In its grantmaking, the Women's Fund uses the following process:


Step 1: Research the barriers to self-sufficiency for women and girls in 25 counties of East Tennessee


Step 2: Proactively assess successful programs and best practices in other communities


Step 3: Conduct workshops to engage and inform qualified agencies


Step 4: Hold open enrollment for Letters of Intent (LOI)


Step 5: Review and select LOIs for application submission


Step 6: Review and select applications moving on to site visit


Step 7: Conduct site visits


Step 8: Hold SmarTEAs to engage and gain Women's Fund members' input in final grantee recommendations


Step 9: Board approves final slate


Step 10: Present grant recipients at the annual Women's Fund Luncheon


Step 11: Conduct mock check presentations for grantees to help them grow their community leadership, PR, and volunteers


Step 12: Conduct six-month and one-year evaluations

We believe that when you invest in a woman, you invest in a family, a community and, ultimately, a region.

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