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W.E.B. Talks:

W.E.B. Talks Series 2:

W.E.B. Talk 3 Video Dr. Tracie Woidtke

W.E.B. Talk 3 Dr. Tracie Woidtke Slide Deck

W.E.B. Talk 2 Video Amy Nolan/Bonnie Donnolly-Broadband & Internet Divide #2

W.E.B. Talk 2 Amy Nolan Slide Deck

W.E.B. Talk 1 Becky Haas Slide Deck

W.E.B. Talk 1 Video Becky Haas-ACEs During the Holidays & Covid 19

W.E.B. Talks Series 1:

W.E.B. Talk 3 Video Edyael Casaperalta-COVID19 and Broadband/Connectivity

W.E.B. Talk 3 Edyael Casaperalta Slide Deck

W.E.B. Talk 2 Video Kathy Walsh-COVID19 and Domestic & Sexual Violence

W.E.B. Talk 2 Kathy Walsh Slide Deck

W.E.B. Talk 1 Video Shanna Singh Hughey-State of the State: Women

W.E.B. Talk 1: Shanna Singh Hughey Slide Deck

Domestic Violence & COVID-19:

DailyMail: Domestic violence hotlines see a surge in calls across the country as more people are told to stay home

FOX 17 News; Not everyone is safer at home: Domestic violence center sees 55% spike in calls for help

ABC: Isolation of families for COVID-19 raises concerns about domestic violence, 3-20-2020

USA TODAY: Domestic violence in the age of coronavirus: What happens when you're stuck at home, but home isn't safe? 


NY Times: Where Can Domestic Violence Victims Turn During Covid-19?By Tanya Selvaratnam March 23, 2020 The Danger of Being Quarantined with an Abuser

TN Bureau of Investigation: Domestic Violence 2018 – facts and findings


Tennessee Domestic Violence Help, Programs and Statistics provides statistics and a county by county resource links to help victims


Certified Batterer’s Intervention Programs - TN Coalition to End Domestic & Sexual Violence


Tennessee SAFE Providers Directory-from the TN Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence

#SignalForHelp Campaign

Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs):

Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences During COVID-19

Sheltering in Place: ACEs-Informed Tips for Self-Care During a Pandemic

Post-Secondary Education:

ETSU Free Tuition Scholarship Opportunity

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