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Women's Fund New Board Members

Betsey Bush

The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee is proud to introduce Mrs. Condon (Betsey Bush) to the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee Board.

Betsey Bush is a remarkable woman – mother and grandmother, community volunteer extraordinaire, a member of multiple boards, and truly generous with her time, talent and treasure. She exemplifies the word philanthropist and is a benefactor to many including the

Mrs. Bush is a founding Board member and donor to the Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum. She is a Board member of the East TN Historical Society, the Knoxville, Museum of Art, Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Knoxville Opera and Helen Ross McNabb. She is an active Board member working and serving on multiple committees.

Betsey continues to inspire, encourage and motivate others in the community to do the same. She is a leader and was one of the first to become a Founder of the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee. She understands our work to break down barriers for women and girls and is committed to our mission.

Suzanne Schriver

The Women’s Fund of East Tennessee is proud to introduce Ms. Suzanne Schriver to the Women’s Fund of East Tennessee Board.

Suzanne is an amazing woman – mother of two beautiful daughters and married to Dave Rechter. Her volunteer work is legendary and she serves the community in numerous ways. She leads with compassion and wisdom from her years in corporate service.


Suzanne is a Senior Vice President at J.P. Morgan Chase Bank. She has enjoyed a twenty-year career in the financial services industry. She earned her BA, MA and MBA, from Tennessee Tech University, where she is a member of the College of Business Board of Trustees.

With a true understanding of philanthropy, Suzanne lends her leadership to a number of organizations including the Boards of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra, Joni and Friends, the Catholic Diocese of Knoxville and the Public Trust PAC. Recent past involvements include the Public Building Authority Board and the Knox County Industrial Development Board, which she chaired.

A native of Knoxville, born at St. Mary’s Hospital and leading the Baptist Health System Foundation as chair for three years, her experiences well served the merger of Baptist, Mercy and now Trinity Foundation, where she serves as Treasurer.

Suzanne and family frequently retreat to the beach to enjoy time together. She is a Leadership Society member who is 100% behind our mission and believes it is a great legacy for her daughters.

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